Demo released for open-world isometric RPG, Seven: The Days Long Gone

IMGN.PRO has released a demo for its open-world isometric RPG, Seven: The Days Long Gone. According to the developers, this demo includes the entire prologue level in which players can experience the most important gameplay aspects. These are: fighting, magic, sneaking and disguises.

Furthermore, the team has released a new patch that addresses a number of issues and bugs, introduces additional tutorials, tweaks major gameplay mechanics and more.

Going into slightly more details, this patch improved combat behaviours for humanoid enemies (it will be much harder to just spam normal attacks in order to kill an opponent) and enemies will also try to flank the player while in a group. This latest patch also improves NPC reactions to combat, dead bodies, knocked out friendlies and noise, and reworks disguise mechanics; introduction of officers, removed reactions to player footsteps for normal guards while disguised, improved NPC reactions to disguises.

As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam the next time you launch its client. You can view its complete changelog here.