Deep Silver Explains Why Metro: Last Light’s Ranger Mode Is A Pre-Order DLC

Metro Last Light v2
By now, most Metro fans are pretty pissed off about the Ranger Mode DLC of Metro: Last Light. If you’re a regular here, you may remember that we covered this story back in March. It seems most gaming websites though found out about this deal a couple of days ago. After various complains and rumors, suggesting that retailers forced Deep Silver to include the Ranger Mode as a DLC, we are here with Deep Silver’s community manager, who claims that the Ranger Mode DLC  ‘is not something we would have chosen to do, had we have been in charge of publishing this title from the start.’
In short words, Deep Silver blames THQ for this decision, though it really puzzles us why it was so difficult for Deep Silver to simply cancel this deal.
As Deep Silver’s community manager said:
“Ranger Mode as part of the Limited Edition for Metro: Last Light was something that was decided last year by the former publisher, and which has been active for pre-order (outside of Steam which tends to start pre-purchase closer to launch) since that time. By the time Deep Silver took over publishing duties, changing that within the time left to getting the game ready release was no longer an option.

As long as the first batch of Limited Editions for any platform are in stores, you will be able to get Ranger Mode for free. A pre-order simply guarantees you one of these Limited Editions. Ranger Mode as DLC like this is not something we would have chosen to do, had we have been in charge of publishing this title from the start.”

Fair enough, Deep Silver’s community manager explained why some Limited Editions of Metro: Last Light feature the Ranger Mode DLC for free. However, the manager has failed to explain why the company could not cancel the DLC-thing when it took over the publishing duties, or what would be different had Deep Silver been in charge from the get-go.
As you already know, we don’t like this move from both THQ and Deep Silver. And quite frankly, we’re a bit disappointed with 4A Games as it allowed for something like that. PC gamers were lucky when Metro 2033 got released, as the Ranger Mode was offered to them for free (console gamers had to pay for it).
Here is hoping that 4A Games will release the rumored SDK for Metro: Last Light, thus giving modders the ability to offer an alternative to the Ranger Mode for free.
Metro: Last Light will be available later today on PC, X360 and PS3!