Death To Spies 3 – New Story Details Revealed, New Trailer Focuses On Takedowns

There is no doubt that Haggard Games has been active with its Kickstarter campaign for Death To Spies 3. Alongside numerous gameplay trailers, the company revealed yesterday some new story details. In addition, another gameplay video has been released, focusing this time on takedowns.

As the press release reads:

“There are many conspiracy theories about John F. Kennedy assassination, starting from Mafia, Soviet involvement and up to the most common idea that it was CIA secret operation. The last theory is exactly the one, which our story is based on. It seems like John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev were in some kind of confrontation back there, but they both managed to find solution to the Cuban missile crisis and prevent direct war between the United States and Soviet Union.”

In Death To Spies 3, players take the role of a KGB colonel that aims to help his/her old American friend from World War 2, who is working in CIA, to find out what is going on there in a political backstage, trying to prevent his assassination and to keep Soviet Union out of bad consequences of this tragedy, out of being framed up as a guilty in this crime.

Below you can find the video that shows the different ways via which you can take down your enemies.


Alekhines Gun - Takedowns