Death Stranding header screenshot 3

Death Stranding may soon support Ray Tracing on PC

Although Death Stranding is a beautiful game on PC, it may soon look better. According to Steam’s database, Kojima Productions is currently experimenting with some Ray Tracing effects.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what Ray Tracing effects Kojima Productions will add to the game. And, to be honest, I’ll be really disappointed if these are only ray-traced reflections.

Since the game already has a great lighting solution, it could benefit from ray-traced ambient occlusion and ray-traced shadows. Of course, a full ray tracing lighting implementation like the one we’ve seen in Metro Exodus would be the best option. However, and let’s be realistic here, this won’t happen in a game that is already out. Hell, we may not see a full RT lighting solution even in Kojima Productions’ next game.

But anyway, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!