Dead Space 2 feature

Dead Space 2 now has proper raw mouse input/controls thanks to this mod

Methanhydrat has released a brand new mod for Dead Space 2, offering true raw mouse input. As the modder noted, Dead Space 2 suffered from negative mouse acceleration issues. In addition, its sensitivity was tied to its framerate, resulting in really awful controls once the framerate was dropping.

However, and thanks to this mod, PC gamers can finally enjoy the game with proper mouse controls. According to its description, this mod features raw mouse input independent of FPS or VSync. It also packs teasonable sensitivity range and same sensitivity in each direction.

This mod also disables any dead zone for slow movement and improves the mouse cursor. Furthermore, the camera does not automatically re-center, and there is a configuration via the ingame settings.

In short, this is a must-have mod for those wishing to re-experience Visceral’s horror game.

It’s worth noting that Methanhydrat is responsible for such similar mods for other titles. Dark Souls, Metro 2033, FEAR 2 and Mass Effect are some of them.

Those interested can download Dead Space 2 Mouse Fix from here.

Have fun!