Dead Rising 3 PC Gets A Release Date

Capcom has just announced the release date for the PC version of Dead Rising 3. According to the Japanese company, PC gamers will get their hands on this latest part of the Dead Rising series on September 5th.

Here are the game’s key features:

*Welcome to Los Perdidos – Set 10 years after the events in Fortune City players are taken to the massive open and infected world of Los Perdidos while being immersed in action and stunning visuals.
*All the survival horror action comes to PC – Fully optimized to run at a high resolution, the PC release includes full Steam and game controller support.
*More zombies than ever before – The zombies are smarter and deadlier than ever with intelligent AI and shared awareness forcing players to employ all their cunning skills and creativity to stay alive.
*Hundreds of unique combo weapons and vehicles – Combine and customize hundreds of pieces found throughout the sandbox world including the gruesome Boom Cannon weapon or the Party Slapper vehicle.
*Face the horror alone or with a friend – Join forces with a friend for endless zombie killing mayhem and earn experience points that carry back to your single player experience.

Ironically – and while there is an option to unlock the game’s framerate – Capcom considers that the game is best played at 30fps as there might be some bugs with the framerate unlocked. That comes from the same company that advertised the latest PC port of Resident Evil 4 as something mind-blowing due to its 60fps option.


Dead Rising 3 PC E3 Trailer PEGI


As our reader ‘Pey’ pointed out, you can find a 60fps video from Dead Rising 3 here.