Dead Effect – Zombie-murdering FPS – Now Available On Steam

BadFly Interactive announced today the worldwide release of its zombie-infested PC & Mac FPS, Dead Effect, now available for download via Steam. Dead Effect is described as a highly addictive single-player game, in which the ESS Meridian spacecraft is travelling through space with a new FTL technology, heading towards its destination, Tau Ceti f, the first planet outside of our solar system ever to be colonized.

In Dead Effect, you play the role of a character and member of Unit 13, an elite peace-keeping unit aboard the ship, and it is your task to discover what happened to the ESS Meridian and the remaining crew.

Dead Effect features an extensive single-player campaign with more than seven hours of gameplay, including a gripping atmosphere and fast-paced FPS arcade action. The game packs 12 challenging levels aboard the ship, ranging from hazardous laboratories and a dangerous nuclear core.

“Choose to play as male or female, and either character can be upgraded as you progress. Special abilities such as Bullet-Time and Devastation enhance the gameplay experience, and the inclusion of mini-games within the game opens up vast opportunities for extended play.”

BadFly Interactive has provided us with a review code, and we’ll soon have a ‘First Impressions’ article for this new FPS.


Dead Effect PC Trailer