DC Universe: Online – Concurrent playerbase increased by 1000%

Now that’s impressive. A few days ago, DC Universe: Online switched to a free-to-play model and it managed to increase its playerbase with 120,000 new users in the 48 first hours. DC Universe: Online’s success kept on going and SOE’s CEO, John Smedley, tweeted that they are currently over 1000% of their pre-F2P concurrent numbers. Simply, WOW.
In addition, Sony is aware of all the technical issues that were introduced with this switch to the free-to-play model and is working on adding more hardware. There are currently some login and lag problems, but Sony is working on them too and will hopefully sort them out in due time.
DC Universe: Online made the switch to the free-to-play model on November 2nd. There are currently three access levels in DCUO: Free, Premium and Legendary. All three levels will provide access to the game and include all game updates and fixes to the game, with each level offering differing game options and features. DLC content and features will also be included for Legendary players, and can be purchased by Free and Premium players.