A Valley Without Wind – New Details + Updated Demo

Arcen Games revealed some new information and details surrounding A Valley Without Wind, the game of infinite procedurally-generated 2D sidescrolling. The title has reached a sizable milestone, wrapping up series one of the beta patch releases. During the period the game saw 40 individual updates over 43 days, with 640 distinct changes made in all. Special thanks also goes out to AVWW’s community for all the feedback and help to get them to this point.
The conclusion of the beta’s first phase is marked by the release of an all new Intro Mission for the game. The goal of the mission is to give new players a linear way to get acclimated with the game before they ever encounter the world map, take on broader decisions, etc.  It offers a more traditional intro for any sort of platformer, with players starting out with no ability to do anything except run and jump, and rapidly gaining new abilities that have to be used immediately.
The new addition should allow players to be more comfortable navigating around the world in the side view, become familiar with how buildings, surface areas, and undergrounds all work, and have the confidence to head out onto the world map on their own.
The full version of A Valley Without Wind is available for pre-order at 50% off the launch price during early beta, with customers gaining instant access to the latest available build and all subsequent releases. An updated demo – complete with the aforementioned intro mission – is out now for download from here.