DayZ fans, rejoice: Dead State – The Zombie Survival RPG has been funded

DayZ fans, rejoice as DoubleBear’s zombie RPG, an isometric game that feels similar to the DayZ mod, has been funded. Dead State: The Zombie Survival RPG is being made by ex-Troika and ex-Obsidian members and will be a PC RPG with stats, skills, and perks that make a huge difference on your character’s abilities. The game will feature turn-based combat mechanics where line-of-sight and noise affect whether you are spotted or not, making for extremely tense encounters.
The company has also unveiled some stretch goals as the Kickstarter will end in 9 days. With $180K USD, DoubleBear will include a Weapon Pack whereas with $210K USD, they will offer new areas (Military Base, Regional Airport, County Fair, Mall). DoubleBear will incorporate more Attack Animations, 2 New Allies, 2 New Shelter Upgrades if they hit $240K, and more Character Creation Options, More Zombie Variety, and Post-Release Game Modifiers if they hit $260K.
With $300k we’ll get the City Area (High risk, high reward), plus 1 New Ally, with $330k animals will be added (as well as Dog allies) abd with $360k backers will get a Mini-Expansion after the game’s release (that will add military-grade weapons and zones of control).
In case you were unaware of, Dead State is a compelling, high-tension RPG set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. As society is beginning to fall apart, the player must organize allies, fortify a shelter, scout for food and supplies, and make uncertain alliances, attempting to hold together a group as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. And although the zombies lurk as an ever present threat, the biggest obstacle to the player may just be other humans with the same goal: survival at any cost.
Those interested can back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter page.