Dawn of War II: Retribution New Update Released

With the release of Ulthwé DLC Pack, THQ has also released a new, massive update for Dawn Of War II. This update fixes a lot of issues and adds support for the DLC. As always, the update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam Client. You can view the entire changelog but be warned… it’s huge!
Dawn of War II: Retribution Update Changelog:
-Dark Flames now do flamer_ability_pvp
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to cast smite multiple times
-All Chaos worship modifiers are now exclusive
-Ravener Alpha no longer fires while making tunnels
-Plague Marine death explosion no longer gives a damage modifier
-Tyrnaid Mycetic Spores no longer reinforces allied units
-Fixed an issue that allowed the Lord General to cast med kits multiple times
-Wraithguard tooltip change to “Heavy Infantry” from “Super Heavy Infantry”
-Ogryns tooltip changed to “Super Heavy Infantry” from “Heavy Infantry”
-Reduced the chances of Abilities misfire for most abilities
-Improved squad plans of units with flamers
-Improved squad plans of units with missles
-Ork Burna Melee cooldown changed from 1 to 0
-Fixed an issue that allowed units to take damage when under the effects of “Angels of Death”
-Fixed an issue that allowed Nobs to take damage when under the effect of “Frenzy”
-Hellfury damage type changed to flame_ability_pvp
-Force Commander’s Powersword now shows proper weapon decorator
-Inquistor’s Holy Braizer now shows proper weapon decorator
-Chaos Lord Blood Maul now shows proper weapon decorator
-Sluggas when upgraded with Nob leader now shows proper weapon decorator
-Plague Marine’s Plague Sword now shows proper weapon decorator
-Warlock’s Witchblade of Kurnous now shows proper weapon decorator
-Commissar Lord’s powersword now shows proper weapon decorator
-Ork Stromboyz now show proper weapon decorator
-Slugga Nob Upgrade now increases HP of Sluggas by 10% and increase move speed by 1
-Use Your Choppas Red increase from 75 to 100
-Mek Boy HP increase from 540 to 600
-Loota Tank HP Increase from 550 to 650
-Tankbusters HP increase from 800 to 850
-Bommaboyz no longer causes knockback on retreat
-Techmarine Plasma Overcharge ability now reduces the damage of the plasma gun from 30% to 50%
-Techmarine Artificer Armour health regeneration reduced from 0.5 to 0.35
-SM Predator HP Increase from 600 to 700
-Librarian ‘Smite’ damage reduced from 25 to 20
-Tac Marines HP Reduced from 350 to 330
-Apothecary Combat Stimulants now increases 25% damage from 40%
-Touch of Nurgle Damage reduced from 75 to 37.5
-Chaos Predator HP Increase from 660 to 770
-Bloodcrusher cost increase from 350/45 to 350/60
-Touch of Nurgle Knockback changed from Ability to Weapon
-Lictor Hero Infiltrate now ticks down -1.5 from -1.0
-Lictor Hero Infiltrate mechanics are mirrored to the Kommando Hero
-Lictor Hero Feeder Tendrills wargear cost increase from 125/25 to 125/35
-Spore Mine Drop Global cost increase from 100 red to 175 red
-Zoanthrope Focus blast now deals weapon knockback from ability knockback
-Ravener Hero Tunnel builds time increase from 6 seconds to 10
-Ravener Hero Burrow trap recharge time increased from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
-Farseer Fortune Armour regeneration bonus reduced from 0.5 to 0.35
-Farseer’s Guide cooldown decrease from 85 seconds to 30 seconds
-Farseer’s Guide only works on infantry now
-Farseer’s Timefield speed reduction penalty changed from 70% to 50%
-Fire Prism HP Increase from 450 to 500
-Falcon HP Increase from 500 to 550
-Webway gates HP increased from 350 to 450
-Sentinels Stun effect reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds
-Banewolf cost increase from 350 req and 200 red to 350 req 75 power and 200 red
-Inquistors Holy Brazier Special attack reduced from 80 to 50
-Creeping Barrage Red Cost increased from 175 to 200
-Comissar Power Fist (Teir 2) cost reduction from 200 /50 to 150/50


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