Dawn of Fantasy – Siegeworks Expansion Pack Announced

Reverie World Studios has announced plans for the first expansion pack to their flagship MMORTS game – Dawn of Fantasy. This massive expansion pack, titled Siegeworks, is due for release later this fall, and promises to greatly enhance the gameplay experience in Dawn of Fantasy’s Online Kingdom. And the best part – this expansion is absolutely free! Reverie World Studios has stated that they see this as a way to give back to the community that supported the development of Dawn of Fantasy over the years.
The new expansion will put a strong emphasis on Player vs Player siege combat with the introduction of territorial control and epic realm warfare. In addition, the expansion will also greatly expand the game world, adding new towns to attack, new units to recruit, more quests to complete and new gameplay options.
This massive expansion comes with an impressive feature list:
More Towns – Fifteen new NPC towns that players can visit, siege and defend! This more than doubles the number of attackable NPC towns in the game world
New Territorial Control gameplay – players will be able to take command of any of new and existing NPC towns across the realm either through the expanded diplomacy system or through conquest
New PvP Mode – players will battle each other for control of NPC towns in the brand new NPC Town Siege and NPC Town Defense modes
New Units – Several new siege engines and units will be added to the game, giving even more strategic options within Dawn of Fantasy’s already impressive siege combat gameplay
More Quests – the existing quest storyline will be expanded, plunging players into global warfare as various NPC realms and towns fight for domination providing a lot of siege combat opportunities