Darksiders 2 – Argul’s Tomb and Death Rides Packs Are Now Available on PC, X360 and PS3

THQ has released two new packs for Darksiders II. As of today, both Argul’s Tomb and Death Rides are available on PC, Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network. According to the company, Argul’s Tomb is a new gameplay zone, which includes two challenging new dungeons, new enemies to best, and unique legendary loot to collect.
This DLC is priced at  560 MS Points / $6.99 and will be available for free to all those who decide to purchase the game’s Limited Edition.
THQ has also released the Death Rides Pack, a pack that was previously available only as a pre-order incentive. The Death Rides Pack adds around an additional two hours of side-quests to the main game and is available for 560 MS Points / $6.99.
Stay tuned for our – a bit late – Performance Analysis that will come after the one for Borderlands 2!