Darkout Gets A Massive Patch That Adds A More Detailed Tutorial


As we wrote in our ‘First Impressions‘ article, Darkout had potential but its tutorial was really bad. And it seems we were right. Allgraf announced today the release of patch 1.2.3 for its epic sandbox PC sci-fi action game Darkout, that includes a number of enhanced features to the universe that radically enhance the gameplay experience.

Adrian Banninga, CEO of Allgraf, said:

“Our passion in creating an awesome gaming experience, has always been paramount and with patch 1.2.3 we have implemented some big changes to the Darkout world. The latest patch implements a more detailed tutorial, along with a redesigned user interface, to assist the player in their fight for survival. We have also refined other features within the game and have fixed all outstanding bugs as we develop and expand on the Darkout world.”

Darkout is available now from Steam for $14 .99, £9.99, €11.99. Darkout is also part of the Steam sale with 15% of the price until January 2nd, 2014.