Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition PC Manual Unveiled – Low FPS Feature/Option Spotted

Dark Souls fans, we have some good and some bad news for you. The good news first – the PC manual for Dark Souls: Prepare To Edition has been unveiled and you can read it online here. The bad news is that – according to the manual – you will be able to navigate the menu with only the directional keys. The game will support – in-game – mouse but as the manual states, Dark Souls was created to play using the X360 controller.
Not only that but the game’s menu key is set on End instead of Escape. Thankfully though, that can be changed as Dark Souls: Prepare To Die PC Edition will support remappable keys.
In addition, the manual states that a DarkSouls.ini file will be created and will contain players’ saves. Since this is a .ini file, it might contain more than that, so here is hoping that PC gamers will be able to further tweak their graphical settings with it.
Last but not least, the PC version of Dark Souls: Prepare To Edition features an option called ‘Low FPS Feature.’ According to the manual, to prevent latency issues and frequent disconnections, there is a low FPS feature implemented where if your FPS drops below 15 for 30 seconds, your game will automatically be disconnected from the online session and will return to the title screen. Naturally, this is an online feature so fear not if you’re interested to play this game in SP/Offline mode.
Dark Souls: Prepare To Edition is currently planned for an August 24th release on the PC!