D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Demo Now Available

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die hits the PC on June 5th and a PC demo has just been released. This demo is 2.4GB in size and can be downloaded from the link after the jump.

You can download D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die’s PC demo from here.

Kudos to NeoGAF for sharing the link.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is a new mystery adventure game from SWERY, the mind behind Deadly Premonition. This unsettling tale unfolds through a series of episodes as the hero pursues his wife’s murderer and dives into the past.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • An unpredictable story.
  • Numerous weird and eccentric characters.
  • A brand-new game experience, with immersive controls adapted to keyboard and mouse.
  • Clues scattered about the world to help you find your mark.
  • Use your special abilities to find hints and open the way forward when you’re stuck.
  • Collect credits to buy clothing and beards. Dress David up however you like.

Have fun!