Cyberpunk 2077 is in full production & in advanced development stage, new The Witcher game hinted

During its investor’s conference, CD Projekt RED revealed some new information about its new Cyberpunk game, Cyberpunk 2077. According to the company, Cyberpunk 2077 is in full development mode and there are over 300 people working.

As CD Projekt RED noted, this represents 3/4 of the total workforce it wants on this project. And while it already has all core staff for the project, the team is looking to hire plenty of testers.

Unfortunately, and while Cyberpunk 2077 is in advanced development stage, the team won’t share anything about it in 2017. As CD Projekt RED has already claimed, 2017 is the year of GWENT.

But what about a new, proper The Witcher game? When one investor pressed CD Projekt RED’s CEO Michal Kicinski about it, Kicinski had this to say:

“The Witcher was designed as a trilogy. Trilogy cannot have a fourth part, however we like that world very much. We have invested 15 years of our lives and loads of money into it and we will probably think about it at some point. But please consider us as rational people, we sometimes have weird ideas, but overall our thinking is very rational. We have full rights to The Witcher games. They are ours. We have invested enormous funds into promoting it, and it’s a very strong brand. Answer your own question :)”

Kicinski concluded that CD Projekt RED has to be very careful with its words, because everything said during that conference is also heard by the gamers.

“Obviously plenty of you are gamers as well, but what we tell gamers is part of the marketing campaign, so we can’t discuss certain things even though we know them already. We cannot reveal our full hand.”

So yeah, our guess is that there will be a new The Witcher game in the near future, though you should not expect it anytime soon!