Cube World comes with a redesigned combat system, new ‘Monster’ trailer released

Cube World is a voxel-based action RPG currently in development for PC and the following video shows some new features like huge monsters, greatswords and combo attacks. According to Wollay, the latest version of his amazing voxel games features Huge boss mobs with random body parts, with different body parts giving them different abilities.
The Combo system has been enhanced, meaning that subsequent attacks do more damage and can be performed faster. Different weapon types have different combo attacks and if an attack misses its target, the combo chain is ended.
Along those changes, Cube World now features a redesigned combat system, additional attacks, animations, special moves, ability bar, and stamina is now needed for dodging and some other abilities. Oh, and Wollay has removed the auto-targeting system of the game.
Cube World does not have any ETA as of yet.
Enjoy the new trailer!
Cube World: Monsters