Crytek believes that next-gen consoles will not – for the first time ever – be beyond the PC

We all know that Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli, has been constantly hyping his company’s games. Truth be told, a lot were fooled by Yerli, though Crytek’s CEO has always made some valid comments about the possibilities of consoles. After all, the first Crysis needed a new engine (CryEngine 3) and a lot of tweaking in order to run with an acceptable framerate on both X360 and PS3.
What’s interesting here, though, is that Yerli shared the same opinion with Nvidia when OXM interviewed him (issue 97 which is on sale as we speak). As he told OXM, these next-generation consoles will not – for the first time ever – be beyond the PC at the time of their launch.
As Crytek’s CEO revealed:
Last gen, the move from PS2 to PS3, or Xbox to Xbox 360, for many devs was back-breaking. But for us going to Xbox 360, we had to work backward, we had to bring down all our tech to make it happen. As opposed to finding ourselves in that situation with today’s PC… I’m already talking too much.”
Naturally, a lot of people won’t believe Yerli, however Nvidia has also stated the very same thing about PS4. And even though some people claim that Nvidia is butt-hurt about this whole thing (as AMD was chosen by both Sony and Microsoft for their upcoming consoles), it really stroke us that Yerli stated what most of us already knew and didn’t talk about.
In case you’re not aware of, Nvidia claimed yesterday that PS4’s CPU can be compared with a low-end quad-core CPU while its GPU can be compared with a low to mid range GPU.
Yerli concluded that for the first time, ever, next-generation consoles won’t be beyond the current PC systems, meaning that they will be outdated the moment they get out.
This statement – most probably – means that the next-Xbox won’t be more powerful than PS4, and even if it is, it won’t come close to high-end PCs. Of course, optimization is a big key here and games will most probably look great on both PS4 and X720 once developers start getting used to them. By that time though, the gap between those consoles and PCs will be even bigger, as more powerful CPUs and GPUs will invade the market.