TimeSplitters Rewind Gets Approved By Crytek, Freeware CryEngine 3 Title For The PC

We do know that a lot of console gamers desperately want a new TimeSplitters game. Well, we’ve got today some good and some bad news. The good news is that Crytek has approved a new TimeSplitters game that will be developed via CryEngine 3 and will be distributed for free. The bad news for our console brothers is that this title will be released only on the PC.
Project Manager Michael Hubicka said:
“We are taking the best elements of all three games (multiplayer and challenges) and creating a whole new game. We are taking full advantage of the CryEngine 3 SDK, so while it looks great and runs extremely well – it will still *feel* like a TimeSplitters game. While it’s not a reboot, remake or sequel – we’re simply working hard to capture everything that made the original games awesome and giving it the HD touch”
The team behind it will recreate every asset of TimeSplitters, even though it was given access to the original assets of the game. Obviously, the team wants to create a proper HD version of TimeSplitters, so kudos to them.
The game won’t support split-screen due to CryEngine 3’s inability, however this mode may be added later on (if Crytek decides to implement such a feature in a new build of CryEngine 3’s SDK).
TimeSplitters Rewind will also support X360 and PS3 gamepads, as well as mods and custom content – allowing players to fully customise their TimeSplitters experience like never before.