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Crysis Still Remains One Of The Most Beautiful PC Games, New Shader Mod & Texture Pack Compilation Released

Crysis was released seven years ago and thanks to its modding community, Crytek’s title still remains one of the most beautiful games out there. Guru3D member ‘CryZENx’ has released a new Shader mod that enhances the game’s lighting, while another member from Guru 3D, gerardfraser, has released a pack compilation with the best textures for Crysis.

Those interested can download the Texture Pack Compilation from here. On the other hand, the new Shader Mod can be downloaded from the links found on CryZENx’s YT video.

Here are some instructions on how you can install the Shader Mod:

1. Go to your Crysis original game folder which is located in C:/programs(x86)/EA Games/Crytek/Crysis/game or Steamapps/common for STEAM and rename the “Levels” folder into “Levels1”.

For steam users delete ZPatch1.pak in game folder
2. In case there is a game, editor, bin32 and bin64 folder and autoexec.cfg and system.cfg in (CRYZENX MOD) (also had been the case for me), simply mark everything there and just copy everything in your Crysis original folder and REPLACE if needed 🙂

For Win7 you need to start over 32bit for SweetFX!
For Win8.1 users SweetFX wont work!!! you need to start 64bit to play without SweetFX

Dont change ANY game settings in the menu… or it will look different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my own settings in Autoexec.cfg and system.cfg

Depth of Field ON and OFF Switch BINDS: P and O
Motion blur Amount Less or More Switch BINDS: K and L

And here are some instructions for the Texture Pack Compilation:

1.Best results is to play in devmode.
ADD(-devmode)to crysis target line in shortcut to game.
Looks like:C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis.exe -devmode

2.Unzip/extract all files to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis

3.Click on the installer to install Time Of Day files/Textures/POM Textures\Custom Shaders.
To uninstall Time Of Day files clcik on ToDONLY-Uninstall.
To remove all the other stuff replace ZPatch1.pak(C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Games) with the file ZPatch1 from the Remove ZPatch1 Folder.

4.To load all weapons/cheats press` in game to open console and type exec autoexec.cfg
Bind keys are
bind 9 cl_hud 0
bind 0 cl_hud 1
bind 8 r_drawnearfov 2
bind 7 r_drawnearfov 1
bind 6 ai_ignoreplayer 1
bind o r_depthoffield 2
bind p r_depthoffield 0
bind 4 t_scale .3
bind 5 t_scale 1


Crysis Mod [1.3] CryZENx Shading showcase 60FPS [GTX 780 & i74770k]

Crysis Extreme Config / Shader Mod Windows 10 [1.3] 2015 + Download Link