Crysis 3 & Ryse Producer, Mike Read, Has Left Crytek – “Wish we could have done more on Crysis 3”

Things are definitely not looking good for Crytek. Homefront’s producer has left the building, Tiego Sousa – the man behind CRYENGINE – has recently left Crytek and we just found out that Mike Read, producer of both Crysis 3 and Ryse – has resigned from this German studio.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mike Read is not currently working on Crytek. Mike left Crytek this month; a month that has definitely harmed Crytek with all those departures we’ve been witnessing lately.

Mike Read has been with Crytek since April 2012 and was the producer of both Crysis 3 and Ryse.

Not only that, but Mike revealed that there were a lot of things that he and his team could have done with Crysis 3. When a fan told Mike that Crysis 3 still look great to this date, Mike replied and said:

“Some amazing tech behind it for sure. Wish we could have done more on many fronts.”

There is no doubt that Crysis 3 looks amazing but what was Mike referring to? We tried to get some additional information and when we asked him whether he could share some of his thoughts about Crysis 3, Mike replied and implied that there was still room for improvements when it came to the game’s gameplay mechanics.

“Maybe one day soon, but not right now and definitely not in 140 characters or less. To leave it short .. It’s gameplay related”

That’s not a surprise as while Crysis 3 was better than its predecessor (Crysis 2) it never came close to the original Crysis. Not only that, but some of its gameplay mechanics (its nanosuit to be more precise) had been dumbed down (at least compared to the original Nanosuit that was present in the first Crysis).

All in all, Hasit Zala, Tiego Sousa and Mike Read have left Crytek in just about a month. And that says a lot – at least in our opinion – about the state of Crytek.