CryEngine 3 Presentation at Crytek – New Graphical Features Detailed

Crysis 3 v3
Crytek held a Crysis 3 Community Day, in which Sean Tracy showcased some nice and new graphical features of CryEngine 3 – that will also be supported by the upcoming Crysis 3 game. Tracy started as a modder (he was in charge of the Mechwarrior: Living Legends mod for Crysis 1) and is now working in Crytek, proving that talented modders can really make a breakthrough. In addition, Tracy revealed that some of the features that have been demonstrated will come to a new build of CryEngine 3’s SDK. Enjoy the video, courtesy of Crysis-HQ!
CryENGINE 3 Presentation at Crytek (Crysis 3 Community Day)