CryEngine 3 – GDC 2013 – Licensee Showcase Trailer

CryEngine 3 v2
Crytek has released a GDC 2013 trailer for CryEngine 3, showcasing the games and programs that are currently under development and powered by it. The highlights of this video are Star Citizen, Enodo Studios’ project, Forged By Chaos, Real Time Immersive, Lichdom (a first-person brawler that looks similar to Zeno Clash) and Warhorse (a gorgeous looking RPG that features a UI similar to the one of Oblivion). We expect to also see some tech demos from Crytek during GDC, so stay tuned for more. Enjoy the trailer, courtesy of GameTraielrs!
CryEngine 3 - GDC 2013: Licensee Showcase Trailer