Could Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter happen? Ed Boon drops a teaser on his Twitter

We do know that a lot of gamers have been dreaming for a crossover between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Ed Boon has expressed his desire for something like that, as well as Yoshinori Ono. Although something like that is quite difficult due to MK’s fatalities and general brutality – and the fact that most SF characters are not as agressive as those of MK – there is still hope.
Something like that could happen, as Ed Boon has tweeted that he is looking forward to their first MKvsSF meeting with Capcom. Now this could very well be just a joke from Ed Boon, so take it with a grain of salt.
Earlier last week, Ed Boon stated that it was great to meet some of his industry friends in DICE. Naturally, Boon included among them Capcom’s Seth, who responded that he was also delighted to see Boon. And then, out of nowhere, Boon said that he was looking forward to their forst MKvsSF meeting.
As Boon tweeted:
“Yes, great catching up with you too. Looking forward to our first MKvsSF meeting. 1st order of business: MKvsSF or SFvsMK.  ;)”
Notice that smile? This could very well mean that Boon is simply trolling – and we do know that Boon loves joking around on Twitter. So take that with a grain of salt everyone. Both companies want a crossover but could this actually happen? Only time will tell!