Mari0, the amazing crossover between Mario and Portal, will be released on March 3rd

Okay everyone, I’m really excited. The fabulous crossover between Mario and Portal, Mari0, is coming this March. Yeap, that’s right. StabYourself has just confirmed on their official FB page that this bad boy is coming in March 3rd and will be completely free. This is awesome. No, this is beyond awesomeness. This is a dream come true.
The team has hinted to the game’s release last Friday with a riddle and some visitors had already figured it out. And as you may have guessed, the team went ahead and posted – a few hours ago – that the game will indeed be released on March 3rd 2012.
Mari0 will feature maps that will have a story and some portaly puzzles, a level editor that will be embedded in the game so you can edit the level while you play, and will feature both the original SMB levels and the Lost levels.
Primary player will use mouse and keyboard (or gamepad), while other players will use gamepads. This basically means that the game will feature multiplayer with up to any amount of players, only limited by the amount of joypads you can connect to your computer. Oh, and splitscreen for 2 players will also be included.