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Confirmed: NVIDIA’s next-generation GPUs, coming out in 2020, will be using Samsung’s 7nm tech

NVIDIA has stated that its next-generation graphics cards will be in 7nm. During a press conference in Seoul, NVIDIA’s Korea chief Yoo Eung-joon confirmed that its next-gen GPUs, which may release in 2020, will be using Samsung’s 7nm extreme ultraviolet process.

As Yoo Eung-joon said:

“It is meaningful that Samsung Electronics’ 7-nanometer process would be used in manufacturing our next-generation GPU. Until recently, Samsung has been working really hard to secure (partners) for foundry cooperation.”

What this basically means is that, similarly to the NAVI GPUs, NVIDIA’s next-gen graphics cards will be in 7nm (as opposed to the RTX series which are built on TSMC’s 12nm manufacturing process).

It is said that NVIDIA’s next-gen graphics cards will come out in 2020 (my guess is late 2020) so it will be interesting to see the performance improvement that the 7nm process will bring to the table. It will be also interesting to see what will happen with ray tracing in games now that AMD has patented its new hybrid model.

All in all, 2020 will be really interesting for GPU fans. AMD may release a high-end NAVI model (this is based on the rumoured graphics cards that have been found in some drivers) and NVIDIA will definitely release its next-gen GPUs.

Kudos to Metal Messiah for bringing this to our attention.

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