CONTROL E3 2019 screenshot 6

26 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version of Control with Ray Tracing effects enabled

Control is Remedy’s upcoming game that promises to be the best showcase for real-time ray tracing. From what we’ve seen so far, Remedy’s supernatural action game will surpass what 4A Games achieved in Metro Exodus and below you can find a video showing 26 minutes of gameplay footage from its PC version.

This video features all of the ray tracing effects enabled, giving you an idea of what you can visually expect from this title. Control is powered by the Northlight Engine and Remedy will be using real-time ray tracing for reflections, contact shadows, diffuse global illumination and transparent reflections.

At E3 2019, Remedy presented a demo that was running on a PC which was equipped with one of NVIDIA’s most powerful consumer graphics cards, and it was said that the demo was maintaining a steady 60fps with all the RTX effects enabled at 1080p.

Control promises to challenge players to master a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through the deep and mysterious worlds Remedy is known and loved for.

The game is currently planned for an August 27th release on the Epic Games Store.

Enjoy the video, courtesy of DualShockers!

Control | 26 Minutes of PC Gameplay w/ Ray Tracing Enabled