Overcooked is this week’s free game on the Epic Store

As promised, the Epic Store has yet again rotated its weekly roster of free games as it will continue to do until the end of 2019. This week they have made the co-op, cooking sensation that is Overcooked available for free until the 11th of July.

Whereas some of their weekly free games have been getting a little more obscure recently, Overcooked needs no introduction. You can barely get to any channel on Twitch before spotting your favourite YouTube couple yelling at each other while playing this game.

That is the basic premise here as it is a party game that will put your teamwork to the test, whether romantic or not. You play as a little chef who has to run around a tiny kitchen cooking meals according to button prompts.

There is also something about a story and saving a kingdom with your cooking, but the game shines at its brightest when playing with up to three other team mates. In this case you can prepare for some frantic fun where you work together to bang out meals as fast as possible. Either that or the kitchen ends in a food explosion.

Just hop onto your Epic Store client if you feel like having some indie game fun with friends, or you can download it here.

On the 11th of July, the store will have the Diablo-esque dungeon crawler named Torchlight as the next free game, and we will be sure to remind our readers here.

Have a great Independance Day to our American readers!