Cold War Rearmed 2 – ArmA 2 Mod – Public Beta Released

ArmA II Cold War Rearmed 2
Remember Cold War Rearmed 2? Well of course and you don’t as we’ve covered it only once back in 2011. Cold War Rearmed 2 is a community project to bring the ever popular Cold War Crisis and Resistance campaigns and content into ArmA II, and the team behind it has finally released its public beta version.
The ultimate goal for this community project is to feature updated original OFP islands, all original vehicles from OFP with new textures, all original SP and MP missions from BIS, the whole CWC and Resistance campaigns, as well as OFP-like user interface.
According to the team, this Beta version is more or less a final release, which gets at least a monthly update, and can be downloaded from here.
For those who are interested in getting the latest fixes and help them testing, you can find ‘nightly’ builds here.
For those who prefer to have complete packages, the team may provide one Beta Release per month which then contains all previous bug fixes.
Cold War Rearmed² - What do you dream of?