Chernobylite feature 2

Chernobylite will leave Early Access and will fully release in July 2021

The Farm 51 has announced that Chernobylite will fully release in July 2021. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released a brand new trailer that you can find below.

Early Access users can also download the Exclusive Final Pre-Launch Mega Patch titled “The Final Stage” today, in anticipation of their summer trip to Pripyat.

Chernobylite is a sci-fi survival horror RPG from the studio behind the critically-acclaimed Get Even. Chernobylite mixes free exploration of its disturbing world with challenging combat, crafting, and non-linear storytelling. Moreover, it utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and is based on Reality 51’s scanning technology.

Here are also its key features:

  • Explore a beautiful and horrifyingly accurate 3D-scanned recreation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
  • Collaborate or compete with other stalkers in the Zone, but whatever you do, never fully trust them. Remember, everybody has a hidden agenda.
  • Face and survive natural and supernatural threats.
  • Immerse yourself in a thrilling, non-linear science-fiction horror story.
  • Make good use of your chemistry and physics knowledge to craft equipment and manage supplies.
  • Fight against savage creatures pouring out of an alternate reality.
  • Investigate and collect data with a set of sophisticated environmental and substance-analyzing tools.

Lastly, the game supports DirectX12 and AMD’s Fidelity FX. However, there is currently no word on whether The Farm 51 will add any Ray Tracing effects.


Chernobylite Release Date - announcement trailer! [PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One]