Chernobylite feature

STALKER-inspired survival game, Chernobylite, now supports DirectX 12 and AMD FidelityFX

The Farm 51 has announced that a new content update is now available for Chernobylite. This content update adds 50% more content to the game. Moreover, it adds support for DirectX 12, as well as for AMD FidelityFX.

As the press release reads, Chernobylite now supports DirectX 12. Players owning compatible graphics cards (and especially AMD) can test it and check its influence on the visual performance of the game.

Furthermore, and thanks to cooperation with AMD, the game also supports FidelityFX. FidelityFX will work on both AMD and NVIDIA hardware.

“Activating CAS should allow gamers to play at a lower resolution, or lower “resolution scale,” while maintaining very high image quality. Players can also improve the quality of the game, with virtually no effect on performance. FidelityFX works on all graphics cards, regardless of manufacturer.”

It’s also worth noting that the final version of Chernobylite will come out in the next months.

Lastly, this latest content update adds Pripyat’s most iconic sites. Players can visit the famous amusement park and its huge Ferris wheel. They can also check out Lenin Square and several nearby buildings. Additionally, players can find a mysterious, scientific military facility.

Enjoy the following trailer and stay tuned for more!