Black Mesa Blue Shift new screenshots-2

Chapter 4 released for the Half-Life Blue Shift Fan Remake in Black Mesa

As promised, the team behind the Half-Life Blue Shift Fan Remake in Black Mesa has released its fourth chapter. In order to celebrate this release, HECU Collective has also shared the following trailer.

In Black Mesa: Blue Shift, players will relive the Black Mesa Incident as Gordon Freeman’s best friend, Barney Calhoun. This fan remake currently has the first three chapters of Blue Shift. These chapters are Living Quarters Outbound, Insecurity and Duty Calls.

Here are the key features of this fourth chapter.

  • Critical bug fixes (No more softlocks and invisible cables!)
  • Gameplay improvements (Better Guidance throughout Chapter 3)
  • Visual improvements throughout all chapters (Better lighting and models)
  • Animations improvements
  • Performance optimizations
  • Addition of interactable telephones (Who leaves them all hanging?)
  • Support for more languages (Ukrainian, German, Czech, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and French)
  • Updated UI and its navigation
  • Barney’s finally got his package delivered!


Black Mesa: Blue Shift | Captive Freight Trailer