Cevat Yerli: “We’re bringing back the ‘can it run it’ myth” , “Crysis 3 will melt down a lot of PCs”

Ah, Gamescom. One of the best gaming events in which developers and publishers share their ideas and plans about their upcoming games. Naturally, Crytek is one of them and this time around, the company’s CEO, Cevat Yerli, decided to answer some crucial questions for both PC and console gamers.
First and foremost, Crysis 3 will be the last story arc of Prophet. Yerli said that Crysis was always meant to be a trilogy, though we find it a bit ironic that players controlled Nomad in the first Crysis game and that the nanosuits didn’t try to kill you back then. It’s pretty obvious that Crytek rebooted the game’s story and tried to mix things up.
Yerli then said that the conclusion of Prophet’s story does not mean that there won’t be any other Crysis games. However, this storyline – Prophet’s story – will come to an end in Crysis 3. Yerli also said that they’ll try to wrap up the previous parts and try to fill in some gaps. For example, we’d love to know what happened to Nomad, how the Koreans had access to nanosuit in the first Crysis game, what happened to the island, and such little details. Deep inside though, we already know that those questions will remain unanswered. Crytek will also try to offer a satisfying end to all Crysis fans.
Yerli has also admitted that there are a lot of expectations from the PC version of Crysis 3 and that Crysis 2 PC was compromised by the console version. Yerli believes that Crysis 3 will be the next Crysis game for the PC and that the myth of ‘can it run Crysis’ will be resurrected with Crysis 3.
As Yerli said:
“This time we promise to melt down PCs.”
Yerli also said that it will be a real challenge to make Crysis 3 look great on PC and consoles:
“That’s going to be another challenge. PCs are so far ahead now – from current generation consoles – so making Crysis 3 look great on the PC, like a benchmark quality on PC, and at the same time running fantastic on consoles is going to be that challenge that we didn’t have in Crysis 2 because PCs and consoles were closer.”
Yerli has also admitted that Crysis 2 – being a multiplatform title – has led Crytek to compromise things on the PC:
“In Crysis we were only for PC so there weren’t limitations. There is unfortunately always in a multi-platform development that kind of compromise that we have to take but at the same time we are trying not to take it, so we try to make sure that the PC version looks fantastic, plays fantastic, and this time we’re saying <<Okay, let’s not compromise the PC but let’s try to push the consoles so make the PC version happen>>”
Crysis 3 is currently planned for a February 2013 release and will support all the features that were demonstrated in the ‘Crysis 3 – CryEngine Tech’ trailer that was released a while ago!