CD Projekt RED has cancelled the UWP version of GWENT, is transferable to the GOG version

CD Projekt RED has announced that it has suspended support for the UWP version of GWENT and has removed it from the Windows Store. Not only that, but those who have purchased that particular version will no longer be able to play it as – according to the publisher-  starting today, playing GWENT’s UWP version is no longer possible.

Now the good news here is that you can transfer your UWP version to the GOG version. This basically means all GWENT in-game progress and unlocked content (ore, meteorite powder, vanity items, unopened card kegs and card scraps equivalent of all the cards in your collection) are transferable between the UWP version of the game and the GOG.COM.

CD Projekt RED did not provide the reasons behind the cancellation of the UWP version but those wishing to transfer their UWP version to the GOG version can do so via this link.