Capcom & Codemasters To Remove GFWL From Their Games


Great news for PC gamers as Capcom and Codemasters are going – or at least planning – to remove GFWL from their titles. As Codies revealed, it was really impressed with what 2K Games had done to Bioshock 2, thus the team is looking into removing GFWL and replacing with Steamworks. Though there is nothing concrete at this moment, it is obvious that both of the aforementioned companies are willing to step in and free their games from GFWL before it’s too late (GFWL services will be discontinued on July 2014).

Speaking of Bioshock 2, Digital Extremes and 2K Games have managed to bring BioShock 2 on Steam, with support on pretty much all popular features of the Steam platform, including controller compatibility, Steam achievements, and Big Picture mode.

The very same thing happened and with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Both of these titles are available on Steam and can be activated by all those who purchased them. GFWL and Securom were removed from both versions, while Achievements were added to Arkham Asylum and a Mac version was added to Arkham City. Not only that, but by activating the game on Steam PC gamers will be getting the GOTY version of the game for free. The only downside is that the previous saves are not working, meaning that you’ll have to start over.

Similarly to Codemasters move, Capcom will be also removing GFWL from its titles. As the big Japanese company revealed, the GFWL client will be removed from its games and players will still be able to play their games. Capcom has not unveiled its plans or how this will be done and when, though we’re pretty sure that it will send us a press release the moment it figures it out.

All in all, more and more companies are removing GFWL from their games, which – obviously – makes perfect sense.