Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date leaked; coming out in October 2019

Yesterday, we informed you about the upcoming official reveal of Call of Duty 2019. And today, prior to the official announcement and thanks to the following leak, we know when we can expect this brand new COD title.

First things first. The following snippet has just confirmed the title of COD 2019 which is – as we’ve already reported – Call of Duty Modern Warfare. From what we know, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be a soft reboot.

Next, the leak has confirmed the release date for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. As we can see, the game is currently planned for an October 2019 release. Unfortunately, the snippet is a bit blurry and we can’t make out the specific date, though it could be October 22nd. Either way, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is coming this October on current-gen platforms.


Do note that this information comes straight from the official Call of Duty 2019 premiere trailer, meaning that it is legit. Reddit’s member nehpets1999 used a chrome extension that allowed him to see images from the video by hovering over the thumbnail (this extension is available to everyone so you can go ahead and test it yourselves).

As we’ve already stated, Activision will officially reveal Call of Duty 2019 later today at 10AM PT, so stay tuned for more!