This Land Is My Land, Western open-world PC game, gets a brand new action gameplay trailer

Back in September 2017, we informed you about an open world stealth action game which promises to feature a living hostile environment that evolves over time independently from player actions, called This Land Is My Land. And today, after almost two years since its announcement, Game Labs released a brand new gameplay trailer for it.

In This Land is My Land, players take the role of a Native American fighter. The game takes place in the American Frontier, and the main protagonist will be a member of one the tribes. The game will feature several innovative mechanics that, at least according to the developers, will increase variety and create surprises every play-through.

From what we know so far, the game promises to feature a smart and reactive AI which works cooperatively against player, as well as a map that will be bigger than the one in Skyrim.

It is said that the world will grow differently every time you start the game, meaning that towns and camps will grow differently, patrols will change routes, and enemies behavior will change. Furthermore, the game will offer multiple ways to achieve your objectives.

This Land Is My Land sounds like a really ambitious title so let’s see whether the developers will be able to deliver what they had promised.


This Land Is My Land: Action Trailer