COD 2019 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to be officially unveiled on May 30th at 10AM PT

Activision and Infinity Ward have officially announced that Call of Duty 2019, which is rumoured to be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will be officially revealed on May 30th at 10AM PT. The publisher has also released a teaser trailer that you can find below.

From what we know so far, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be a soft reboot, meaning that the game will take place in the Modern Warfare universe that the previous parts have already established and that players will assume the role of a new protagonist/character.

Unfortunately we don’t have any additional details to share about this new COD title. We expect it to feature a single-player mode, as well as multiplayer modes (and given how successful Black Ops 4 was, we may also see a battle royale mode).

Last but not least, COD 2019 is developed by Infinity Ward and will be released later this year (my guess is that it will come out in October or November).

Stay tuned for more!