Bungie joins the fight against SOPA

Some of you may hate Bungie and their Halo series. However, that’s not the right time to express that and contrary to a lot of triple-A studios, Bungie has publically stated that they are against SOPA. Yeap, that’s right; Bungie is joining the fight against SOPA. As Bungie revealed, they are opposed to ‘any legislation that curtails free speech, stifles innovation, and prevents the open sharing of information on the Internet‘. Which are pretty much the same reasons that Riot Games, Runic, Frozenbyte and CD Projekt RED are against it.
Bungie has also encouraged their fans to ‘take a few moments to learn more about SOPA by reading the bill itself, by visiting the Electronic Frontier Foundation for more information, and by contacting their representatives in United States Congress and the Senate to make your voice heard‘.
Bungie concluded that SOPA, in its current form, is a clumsy effort to curtail online piracy and that it will impact both the games they make and the people who play them. Of course, that’s precisely what we’ve been saying this entire time. SOPA is bad and more people need to know about it. And we are glad that more companies are protesting against it.
So, Nvidia, Runic Games, Riot Games, Frozenbyte, CD Projekt RED, and Notch have publically stated that they are against SOPA. Guess that it’s time now for both Activision and EA to pick a side. In fact, there is a petition where 120K gamers signed up and expressed their wish to EA to oppose SOPA. If you are interested, you can find that petition here.
Well done guys!