Bugbear Entertainment Teases Its Next Car Game, Possibly FlatOut Next-Generation

Bugbear Next Car Game
Fact No.1: the latest Ridge Racer game felt a bit awkward. Fact No.2: Fans of Bugbear expected something closer to FlatOut, while Ridge Racer fans expected something closer to… Ridge Racer. Fact No.3: Bugbear offered something completely new instead of a new Ridge Racer game. Fact No.4: The company has just released a teaser trailer from its upcoming next car game, that looks really close to a next-generation version of FlatOut. According to the devs, this teaser trailer features in-game, real-time footage. Our guess is that Bugbear will officially unveil this new racing game in the coming days, so stay tuned for more!
Bugbear Entertainment: Next Car Game