Free mini-game – powered by Unity 3D Engine – lets you dance to the rhythm of Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Unity 3DPolycount’s 3D artist ‘RTshaders’ has created an amazing mini-game, in which players can dance to the rhythm of Gangnam style. What’s really incredible here is that this mini-game was created via Unity 3D Engine and sports some incredible visuals. In fact, the city that we get to see in the background looks close to what we’d expect from next-generation open world games. If only we could explore it. But anyway, you can find below a download link, as well as some screenshots and a video.
According to its creator, in order to properly play Style Roundup Game Demo, your PC MUST meet or exceed minimum requirements: most common video card series with DirectX 9.0C(shader model 3.0). Powerful DirectX 11 graphics cards can deliver high-end performance. The demo supports the following aspect ratios: 4:3,5:4,16:10,16:9.
Those interested can download it from here.