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Brutal Half-Life – Brutal Mod Inspired by Brutal Doom – Beta 0.1 Now Available

Half Life fans, get ready for a treat. Last week, the first public beta version of Brutal Half Life got released. This beta release of the mod inspired by Brutal Doom packs custom gibs, and offers the ability to dismember enemies. In addition, new blood sprites and decals have been added.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Here are the key features of Brutal Half-Life Beta 0.1:

  • Enemies dismemberment
  • Custom gibs
  • Kick attack added to push enemies away
  • New weapons sound effects
  • Duke 3d style ‘_zoo’ map included to show the features
  • New secondary attack for crowbar and glock
  • Corpses can be mutilated
  • 2 new weapons: m249 from Opposing Force and BFG tribute easter egg
  • Some DOOM tributes on the gameplay
  • Weapons, monsters and props can be covered with blood
  • New blood sprites and decals
  • Little improved AI
  • New death animations
  • Enemies can be burned (only skin in beta)
  • New damage skills
  • Changes in some weapon ammo capacity
  • Enhanced effects, like explosions, smoke, light effects, etc