Brutal Doom 64

Brutal Doom 64 – Version 2.0 is now available, adds “Tactical” mode and Deathmatch

Modder ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’ has released a new version of his amazing Brutal Doom 64 mod. This new version comes with new kick attacks (as well as a stamina mechanic in order to prevent spam), improved fire rate for the chaingun, a new weapon (Assault Rifle), Chaingun Zombies and a “Tactical” mode.

In this new mode, players start with an Assault rifle that needs to be reloaded. Players move slower than in Normal mode, however they can sprint at the cost of stamina. Naturally, most weapons need to be reloaded in this mode.

Sergeant_Mark_IV has also added a Deathmatch mode to this latest version of Brutal Doom 64. This mode features 6 maps (D64DM1 to D64DM6) and supports bots via Zandronum.

Those interested can download Brutal Doom 64 Version 2.0 from here.

Have fun!

Brutal Doom 64 - Version 2.0 Update