Brian Fargo and Mark Rein call bullshit on EA’s latest claims about next-gen consoles and PC

Unreal Engine 4 v4
Hilarious. EA’s chief technology officer, Rajat Taneja, claimed that Xbox One and PS4 are a generation ahead of the highest-end PCs currently available on the market. We all know that EA wants to simply promote next-gen consoles at this point, however we are a bit surprised – pleasantly – by both Brian Fargo and Epic Games’ Mark Rein who called bullshit on those claims.
When Brian Fargo read Develop-Online’s article about those claims, he was shocked with what the hell EA’s chief tech officer was talking about.
The only thing Fargo said after reading it was a simple ‘No way…’
Epic Games’ Mark Rein replied, stating that he has already called bullshit on that.
Mark Rein provided further details about this claim, stating that the performance levels of the next-gen consoles are not as good as those of current high-end PCs.
“They are ‘architecturally’ more advanced but performance levels aren’t as good.”
Game designer ‘TheKevinDent’ has also joined the conversation, stating that PCs are more powerful than next-gen consoles.
“performance wise they are not in the same universe.”
After taking a closer look at the specs of both Xbox One and PS4, it’s pretty obvious that high-end PCs are way better than them. Not only that, but when those consoles launch, new graphics cards (and CPUs) will be available to the market.
Naturally, we’ll have to wait until the first next-gen games hit platforms in order to find out whether EA or the aforementioned developers are right on this matter.