Borderlands 2 Demake – Play Borderlands’ old-school 16bit version for Free

2K Games and Gearbox have created a demake for Borderlands 2. This 16-bit, top-down version is playable for free via your browser and those interested can play it by visiting its official website. And in all honesty, this is an addictive, enjoyable and fun freeware game. Publishers, take note: that’s how your promote your games!
As its description reads:
“Borderlands wasn’t always the slick, handsome bastard of a game it is today!
Go old skool and play the 1989 16-bit original to see how it all began. “
Players pick one of the four characters in Borderlands 2 and then shoot up waves of enemies. Occasionally, an enemy will drop weapons with which you can customise your characters.
We highly recommend this browser game to everyone. After all, it’s free and has some lovely retro visuals. If only more publishers followed Gearbox’s example. Imagine a demake for every new game. Man, now that would be awesome.
Borderlands 2 is planned for a September 18th release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.