Bloody Spell is a new action RPG that is coming to the PC in 2019

Chinese studio Yi Long Games is currently working on a new action RPG, called Bloody Spell, and released a new gameplay teaser trailer for it. While we don’t have enough information about this game, we do know that it will be released initially on the PC and that the team targets a 2019 release date.

Bloody Spell seems like a mix between Sekiro and Devil May Cry/Bayonetta. The aesthetics of the game and the theme are identical to Sekiro but the gameplay is closer to Capcom’s Devil May Cry games.

While its graphics are not particularly great, it is an action RPG that could appeal to lots of gamers. After all, everyone went crazy when Bayonetta was announced for the PC or when Capcom revealed Devil May Cry 5. As such, we can assume that there is definitely a PC audience for this kind of games.


Bloody Spell《嗜血印》- Gameplay Teaser Trailer China Joy 2018 New ACT Game