BloodGDX, Blood port to Java’s libgdx framework with OpenGL support, now supports classic multiplayer

M210 Projects has released a new version of his Blood port to Java’s libgdx framework, BloodGDX. This new version of BloodGDX supports for the first time classic multiplayer, adds new drunk effect, packs AI flee damage sectors and adds compatibility with JRE9 and JRE10.

In case you weren’t aware of, BloodGDX is a Blood port to Java’s libgdx framework that supports OpenGL and can read all of original Blood maps and original Blood resources, and play as the original Blood game.

Here are the key features of the latest version of BloodGDX. Those interested can download it from its official website.

BloodGDX Version 0.793 Release Notes

  • ?lassic multiplayer
  • File path fix should working on Linux now
  • Some cases dynamic fire fix
  • AI flee damage sectors
  • Check for updates checkbox
  • NoEnemies console command
  • Palette and sound reverb fix after load game with enabled reflectiveShots or divingSuit
  • New drunk effect
  • Keyboard setup delete buttonfunc crash fix when nothing choosed
  • Broken smk file crash fix (will not load)
  • (Sound) FindChannel() can’t find free channel fix
  • BloodGDX should work on JRE9 and JRE10 now
BloodGDX Multiplayer Coop Test