Second major patch for Battalion 1944 released, overhauls graphics, adds new new free progression system

Bulkhead Interactive has released a new major patch for its old-school WW2 shooter, Battalion 1944. Players will feel the force of a fairly hefty ammo drop, opening up a new game mode, a slick new graphics overhaul, and a brand new free progression system called BattleRank, amongst scores of other major updates.

This package of updates is the latest in a line of tweaks and improvements being worked on by the Bulkhead Interactive team as they continue to manage the game’s run through Early Access – a process bolstered by the team’s decision to solicit feedback from the Battalion 1944 community, helping to improve the game’s stability by testing the latest version.

Leading the line is a brand new competitive game mode Wartide 2.0, a new matchmaking system, a complete visual overhaul (including brand new character models, an impressive graphics revamp, and a total rework of character movement), a new map, a new sound engine, and a massive rebalancing of the game’s weapons.

This new update will also see the launch of BattleRank, which is designed to make Battalion 1944 an even more engaging and rewarding prospect. Split into seasons of roughly three months each, BattleRank will unlock new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period. Continued play will enable gamers to build up their experience points (XP) in order to unlock new levels of rewards. Unlike ‘battlepass systems’ in other games, however, BattleRank will be free.

Joe Brammer, Studio Lead at Bulkhead Interactive, said:

“This is the biggest round of updates we’ve released for Battalion 1944 to date, and is the result of our mission to make the game as absorbing and captivating as it can possibly be. We’ve been listening to our players and taking their feedback into consideration as we look to build the game in a way that both meets their expectations and offers a few surprises for them along the way, too.”


Here are the key features of this latest update for Battalion 1944.

  • Major Performance Improvements for ALL Players
  • New Competitive Gamemode ‘Wartide 2.0’
  • New Map ‘Savoia’
  • New Matchmaking System
  • New HQ Sound Engine
  • New Crystal Clear VOIP System
  • More Verticality In Level Design
  • New Weapons
  • New War Chest
  • New Free BattleRank
  • Thousands of Bug Fixes
  • Rebalanced Weapons
  • Map Redesigns
  • New Character Models
  • Improved Hitboxes & Hit Detection
  • Fixed the “Corner Jump” meta
  • New Realistic Sound Effects
  • New HUD & UI