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Bloodborne Remaster/Remake rumors resurface online

And it’s that time of year guys. According to reports, Sony may hold a Playstation Showcase on May 25th and the Bloodborne Remaster/Remake rumors have re-surfaced. Oh yeah, here we go again.

God of War’s creator, David Jaffe, claims that a Bloodborne Remaster/Remake is indeed in development. However, Jaffe did not say whether Sony will reveal this game at its upcoming showcase event.

The last time we heard about the Bloodborne Remaster was in May 2022. Back then, some fake screenshots circulated on the Internet. Among those screenshots was one from a fan remake of this game in Unreal Engine 4. So yeah, those were indeed fake.

Anyway, as we’ve said and before, Bloodborne was absent from NVIDIA’s leaked list. Since that list is legit and has revealed A LOT of unannounced games, we can safely assume that there isn’t any remaster of Bloodborne. I mean, I’d love to see one, don’t get me wrong. However, we’ve been hearing about this for over five years now.

My guess is that there won’t be any Bloodborne Remaster/Remake announcement at this month’s showcase event. Then, the Internet will forget about this project for a while, and then after a year or so, it will resurface. Just like it did today.

Stay tuned for more!

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